Netanyahu slams UN for returning rockets to Hamas

Tells UN chief that Israel 'does not threaten Muslim holy sites'

13 October, 17:25

    (ANSAmed) - TEL AVIV, OCTOBER 13 - Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu was quoted by Israeli media as telling UN chief Ban Ki-Moon on Monday that the UN's actions had assisted Hamas during the conflict in Gaza last summer. ''When they found rockets in UN schools, UN officials returned them to Hamas, the same Hamas that fired the same rockets on Israeli cities and Israeli citizens,'' Netanyahu reportedly told Ban, who was in Jerusalem on an official visit.

    Speaking ahead of a meeting with the UN chief, Netanyahu said that Gaza terrorists had violated the neutrality of the UN by using their schools and other facilities to launch and store rockets.

    ''The real reason for the rocket fire from Hamas is their refusal to recognize Israel's existence. Hamas doesn't care about 1967 lines. For them, Israel doesn't have a right to exist, under any borders(...)just read their manifest because it is written clearly there,'' Netanyahu told Ban.

    The Israeli PM added that what was happening was that Palestinian extremists were ''inciting violence'' by claiming that Israel is threatening Muslim holy sites.

    Ban also visited Ramallah on Monday and said that he was very concerned about repeated ''provocations'' in holy sites in Jerusalem. Netanyahu replied that he and Israel were working to ''keep the status quo exactly as it has been for decades. Israel ensures the protection of holy sites and the right of all faiths to pray in their holy places. And it will continue to do so.'' (ANSAmed).

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