ISIS gets support of Yemeni-Saudi branch of Al Qaida

Calls for attack on U.S. and support for ISIS battle

17 October, 17:51

    (ANSAmed) - CAIRO, OCTOBER 17 - The Yemeni-Saudi branch of Al Qaida - Al Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula ((AQAP) - on Friday expressed support for ''fighters in Iraq and Syria'' bombarded by the anti-ISIS coalition. The terror network called for an economic and military attack against America because Washington has inspired the new military campaign, SITE reports.

    The Yemeni-Saudi branch of Al Qaida, along with calling on militants to hit the US and back fighters in Syria and Iraq, also asked all Muslims to ''support their brothers, with their souls, money and words in their battle against the crusaders''.

    AQAP also called for the unity of fighters against the Coalition that has launched a campaign against ''all of Islam''.

    This is the first time Al Qaida is openly backing anti-Coalition fighters, and thus ISIS indirectly.

    Its leader Ayman Al Zawahiri disavowed a few months ago the group led by al Baghdadi, although jihadist cells and armed groups have progressively embraced the Islamic State's black flag. The setting up of an Indian branch of the organization, announced by Al Zawahiri in a recent video after a long silence, appeared to many observers as an attempt to tone down ISIS's growing success, also in the media.

    Ever since the death of Osama bin Laden, growing rivalries among the terror network's various leaders have emerged.

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