Gulf: Qatar crisis resolved, ambassadors return to Doha

Diplomats from Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain had left

17 November, 12:44

    GCC summit in Kuwait (archive photo) GCC summit in Kuwait (archive photo)

    (ANSAmed) - DUBAI - Oil monarchies in the Gulf States reached an agreement late Sunday evening, following nine months of tumultuous negotiations, as they return to re-establish full diplomatic relations.

    Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain will return their respective ambassadors to Qatar after having withdrawn them in March, a drastic measure that placed the most severe crisis in front of the international community that was ever recorded between members of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), founded in 1981.

    An immediate consequence of the agreement was the confirmation that the annual summit of the leaders of the GCC six countries (which also includes Kuwait and Oman) will be held on December 9 in Doha, a date decided prior to the March break up.

    The summit seemed at risk, given the explicit unavailability of the ambassador's to travel to Qatari capital due to political issues that had led to the split.

    The three Gulf countries never made any secret of the pain endured due to Qatar's support of the Muslim Brotherhood, an organization outlawed in the three states, and instead "cradled" by the editorial direction of Al Jazeera and the hospitality guaranteed to several of its members, including the spiritual leader Yousef Al Qardawi.

    The prolonged suffering reach a head in a formal crisis in early March with the public accusation directed at Qatar of not adhering to the GCC's principles and objectives and interfering in the internal politics of neighboring countries.

    For its part Doha has continued to deny the violation of those principles and objectives, while maintaining its ambassadors in the three countries.

    Kuwait has busily negotiated in an attempt to bring all parties together, with an initial agreement reached in April that stipulated the creation of a commission that judges the behavior of Qatar.

    Although in recent months Doha has repeated that the worst had passed and the "fraternal relations" re-established, relationships were tense and diplomatic relations suspended. (ANSAmed).

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