'Anti-Semitism is a sin', Pope tells Israeli daily

Jokes and talks of violence, persecution

28 November, 15:56

    Pope Francis leaves for Turkey Pope Francis leaves for Turkey

    (ANSAmed) - TEL AVIV - In an exclusive interview, Pope Francis told the Israeli daily Yediot Ahronot a story to express his condemnation of Anti-Semitism, calling it ''a sin''. The story centers on a group of anti-Semitic priests who were speaking against the Jews in a room in which a picture of Jesus and Mary was hanging on the wall. ''And then, suddenly,'' the newspaper quotes him as saying, ''Jesus steps out of the picture and says, 'Mom, let's go, they don't like us here either.' ''

    In the four-page interview by Henrique Cymerman, the pontiff touches on a number of issues: the ''sin'' of Anti-Semitism, his condemnation of all types of violence ''in the name of the Lord'' and a request for Muslim leaders to take a ''clear position'' on the persecution of Christians. To a question on a recent attack by two Palestinians against a Jerusalem synagogue and rising violence, he said ''I am following with concern the escalation in Jerusalem and other communities in the Holy Land, praying for the victims and appeal from the bottom of my heart to the parties to put an end to hatred and violence. Building peace is hard, but living without peace is a nightmare.'' Pope Francis said that Anti-Semitism is a sin, noting that Jesus was born and died a Jew. ''You cannot be a true Christian if you do not accept its Jewish roots. People must always remember that Christianity flourished from Judaism.''

    He noted that the Christian minority in the areas held by the Islamic State (ISIS) is in the worst condition it has ever been.
    ''In Iraq, for example, barbaric acts - criminal, indescribable - are being carried out. Persecution of Christians today is more serious than in the early days of the Church. The cries of the Christians, Yazidis and other ethnic communities demand a clear and bold stand both from religious leaders, especially Muslims, and political leaders.'' On the tight security that surrounds him, especially during his meetings with heads of state, he joked with the journalist that the difference between security protocols and terrorism was that ''at least with terrorism you can negotiate''. On a question of how he would like to go down in history, Pope Francis replied that he had never thought about it, but that he would be happy if he were thought of as a good man and said to have done his best. (ANSAmed).

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