Charlie Hebdo: Egyptian writer, it is "political" terror

Al-Saadawi, religion is tool of neocolonialist powers

12 January, 12:17

    A filo picture of  Nawal al-Saadawi (archive) A filo picture of Nawal al-Saadawi (archive)

    (ANSAmed) - CAIRO - An Egyptian writer often targeted by fundamentalists, Nawal al-Saadawi, claims so-called ''religious'' terrorism is indeed ''political'' and neo-colonialist. She believes the solution is a joint fight to be carried out by Islamic and Western countries for a ''secular'' system that respects all types of diversity.

    A writer, psychiatrist and feminist militant whose life has been repeatedly threatened by fundamentalist groups over her work, in particular a theatrical pièce, Saadawi, she replied to a question by ANSA over what the West should do after the attack on Charlie Hebdo.

    ''I think the whole world, not just the West or Europe or the US, should seriously work together against the true causes behind every type of religious terrorism'', regardless of whether it is ''Islamic, Jewish, Christian or other'': a phenomenon that is ''mainly political. Religion is used by all political powers in the West and East for economic profit''.

    ''We live in a world dominated by a capitalist system, that is patriarchal, religious, racist, military, based on Power and Non-Justice'', said the elderly militant, who between 1991 and 1996 had to live in the US to escape from Islamic fundamentalists. Saadawi added that ''neo-colonialist powers, mainly in the United States and Great Britain from Reagan and Thatcher until today, used Islamic terror groups, from Al Qaida to the Taliban, from Boko Haram to ISIS and others, to fight popular revolutions''.

    ''In Egypt, we are fighting the same battle and we have gotten rid of the dominion of the Muslim Brothers, although many powers in the US and Europe were on the same side as the Brotherhood against us'', she said.

    The novelist, whose books, including ''Love in the time of oil'' were censored by the top religious institution in Egypt, the University Al Azhar, urged to ''fight together for a global and local secular system based on justice, freedom, dignity and equality among people, regardless of nationality, identity, religion, gender, social classes, colour or belief'', religious or other. ''I think we are all on the same boat and we must fight together to eradicate the true causes of Islamic religious terror and other'', vowed Saadawi. (ANSAmed).

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