Le Pen, France should regain control of its borders

Fn leader attacks Qatar and Saudi Arabia, support terrorism

13 January, 14:06

    (ANSAmed) - STRASBOURG, JAN 13 - "It's time for France to regain control of its borders: we must suspend Schengen because it helps arm-traffickers and terrorists" said Front National, Marine Le Pen, during a crowded press conference in Strasbourg held at the same time of Matteo Renzi's address. "Freedom of movement is a crazy idea: we must be free to decide who comes in and out of our country" said Marine Le Pen, stressing that what lies behind Schengen is "ideological blindness". Eliminating frontiers is like saying " take down the doors to protect us from thieves" . The Front National leader pointed a finger at Qatar and Saudi Arabia, accusing them of supporting terrorism. "France must block any investment in Qatar and Saudi Arabia: these countries support terrorism and islamic fundamentalism" shouted Le Pen. "If they bankroll Psg it's not because they love football but to increase their influence". (ANSAmed).

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