Israeli elections: center leading, Likud behind

Haaretz poll: Arab List in 3rd place, Peres with Herzog

12 March, 14:03

    a large billboard of co-leader of the Zionist Union, Isaac Herzog, on a highway in Jerusalem, Israel a large billboard of co-leader of the Zionist Union, Isaac Herzog, on a highway in Jerusalem, Israel

    (ANSAmed) - TEL AVIV - A few days before Israel's March 17 elections, center-left Isaac Herzog's Zionist Union gained two seats to reach 24, while Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu's Likud party lost two, dropping to 21, a poll by Israel newspaper Haaretz reported on Thursday.

    Of important note is that United Arab List is in third place with 13 seats. The newspaper explained that the poll is not based on voting intentions, but on choices declared.

    If the poll is confermed, "the possibility that [Isaac] Herzog will form the next government has greatly increased", Haaretz said. This trend was also shown by in other data from the survey. According to this, Herzog, son of Israel's sixth president, grandson of an influential rabbi, and from a family nicknamed 'the Kennedys of Israel', is closing the gap that separates him from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the people's perception as best prime minister. Ten days ago the gap between the two was 26% in favor of Netanyahu, now it is 14%. For the survey, 48% called Bibi still the best person for premier, while 34% is in support of Herzog. Of important note is that in third place United Arab List led by leader Ayman Odeh, making his debut on the national level.

    If the survey is confirmed by the vote, the United Arab List is one seat ahead of important centrist parties and also Israeli parliament's right parties such as Yair Lapid's There is a Future, right-wing and also Naftali Bennett's right-wing religious, political party The Jewish Home.

    Finally, the survey indicates the possible failure of electoral threshold by Avigdor Lieberman, Israel's Foreign Minister and leader of the right.(ANSAmed).

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