Libya: Isis can pass into Italy, lift arms embargo

Tobruk Parliament President, hope Italy role in naval blockade

17 March, 10:47

    Libya parliament speake Aqila Saleh Issa Libya parliament speake Aqila Saleh Issa

    (ANSAmed) - CAIRO, MARCH 17 - President of the Libyan House of Representative Aguila Saleh confirmed to Ansa on Tuesday that "Isis and al Qaida can pass from Libya to Italy and this is a big danger since many terrorists are in Libya. We hope to get support from Italy in the fight against terrorism".

    "Italy must lift the embargo imposed on the legal export of weapons to Libya. Italy must support Libya in training its army and ensure military support to Libya. We expect that Italy will play its role in lifting the embargo of weapons to Libya and in training our armed forces and security services".

    To the objection that a delivery of weapons could trigger yet greater conflict in Tobruk and Tripoli, Saleh said that "it is not a war between Libyans, not be afraid of an internal Libyan war occurring. Libyans do not go to war. They are tribes who cooperate . Once the terrorists leave the country, they will be friends again". Saleh underlined that "what is happening in Libya is not an internal Libyan war but a war between the Libyan army and terrorism. Our army is legitimate, it answers and obeys the Chief of the Armed Forces, who is the chairman of the House of Representatives", referring to himself.

    Saleh added that General Khalifa Haftar, armed forces chief "plays no political role" and is limiting himself to fight "terrorists".

    "Haftar's forces are regular, legitimate, which do not intervene on the action of the Libyan government" Saleh said.

    The Chairman of the Libyan parliament of Tobruk said that he hoped that "Italy plays an important role" in any Mediterranean patrol to prevent weapons going to terrorist groups.

    "We hope for a serious and clear attitude from Italy and we were reassured in this sense when the Italian Foreign Minister met with his Libyan counterpart," Saleh said, referring to last Saturday's meeting in Rome between Paolo Gentiloni and Libyan colleague Mohamed al-Dairy. "When the Italian Prime Minister spoke in Sharm el Sheikh," Saleh said, referring to Italy's PM Matteo Renzi speech at Friday's Egytp Economic Development Conference in Cairo, "he said Italy supports Egypt in its policy on Libya, which means that Italy supports Libya in its fight against terrorism".

    "There is an international consensus that terrorism is a threat to the whole world: if terrorists enter Libya, they will go to Rome and Egypt and everywhere," the head of the Tobruk parliament said.

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