UN Security Council resolution on migrant trafficking halted

Diplomat says draft resolution awaits consensus in Libya

03 June, 20:05

    The UN Security Council The UN Security Council

       New York - Preparation of a draft UN Security Council resolution to authorize an European mission against migrant traffickers in the Mediterranean "has been suspended until the issue of the consent of the Libyan authorities has been resolved," a diplomat of the UN Security Council told ANSA on Wednesday.

    The diplomat also stated that "the Libyan authorities are very constructive in dialogue with the EU on the nature of this mission" and also know that we must deal with the problem. "The best and easiest way to get to a Libyan 'yes' is to create a government of national unity that gives consent to the mission; but it will take time for this to happen," the source continued. The UN special envoy Libya, Bernardino Leon, is "making progress", but "finding an agreement between the parties by Ramadan" will be difficult, the diplomat added.

    The same source explained that "as far as the legal aspect of Security Council action is concerned, a letter is needed from one of the parties in Libya" - in other words, the internationally recognized government of Tobruk.

    However, the same source said that "regarding implementation, cooperation is necessary from all parties in the country"; and the Libyan government can not give authorization because it does not control the whole territory.

    The naval operation is planned to have three phases: "in international waters, and with Libya's consent, on the coast and in the waters of Libya". The diplomat said success requires "the destruction of the business of the immigrant traffickers; and to do this, it is also important to act on the coasts and in the waters of Libya".


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