Migrant: Plan B for burden-sharing under discussion

To break the current stalemate in talks

12 June, 17:37

    Migrants are queuing up outside the Asylum Service of the Public Order Ministry of Greece Migrants are queuing up outside the Asylum Service of the Public Order Ministry of Greece

    BRUSSELS - EU member states are working on alternatives to the European Commission's proposal for relocation of asylum seekers from Italy and Greece.
    The aim is to work out a 'Plan B' able to get the talks out of their current stalemate, though it is likely a minority that is causing the deadlock. EU sources say that an unofficial passage will be discussed at the EU interior ministers meeting on Tuesday. According to what came out of preparatory meetings for the meeting, say the sources, out of the 28 countries only three - Great Britain, Ireland and Denmark - made use of a clause to opt out, while a dozen were against and three did not express an opinion.
    The latter included Latvia, which has the European Council presidency until June 30. ''All the states agree that there is the need to do something for asylum seekers,'' the source said, ''but migration is a very sensitive political issue at the national level in all countries and the obligatory nature of the Commission's proposal is seen as the latest 'diktat' from Brussels, heavily affecting support.'' The attempt being made is to find a system that ''is neither obligatory nor voluntary. A third way is sought, and there are various possible scenarios.'' The first ministerial level 'test' will be on Tuesday. ''It will be made in a very informal manner,'' the source noted. ''No one will be leading the process, and it will be at the level of brainstorming. No documents will be circulated, but there will be an exchange of ideas to gauge reactions,'' and thus will then affect the June 25-26 summit.

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