Isis: US Provides Jordan with $79 million military equipment

Infrared cameras and vehicles to guard borders with Syria, Iraq

16 July, 13:03

    Jordanian-Syrian border point closed [ARCHIVE MATERIAL 20150402 ] Jordanian-Syrian border point closed [ARCHIVE MATERIAL 20150402 ]

    (ANSAmed) - AMMAN, JULY 16 - US weapon manufacturer Raytheon has delivered Jordan with military operational capability under a $79 million deal signed between the kingdom and Washington to secure borders with Iraq and Syria, officials said today.

    Raytheon will be providing radars, electro/optical infrared cameras, communications, and command and control software, 18 quick reaction team vehicles, solar-based renewable power systems, said a company statement.

    The contract was celebrated at a recent ribbon cutting ceremony at the Border Security Operations Center (BSOC) in the northern part of the kingdom.

    Jordan has recently boosted presence of its forces on the Syrian borders amid concern of rising violence in Syria and Iraq.

    Key US alley, Jordan is hosting western troops and intelligence unites observing developments in Syria and engaged in the coalition attacks on IS positions in Syria and Iraq. The kingdom also provided its infrastructure to train and arm Syrian rebels to fight IS.

    Over the past months, the Jordanian army has destroyed several vehicles and killed scores of smugglers as they tried to enter the kingdom, particularly from the Syrian side of the border.

    Rebels have recently launched an all out onslaught on the Syrian army troops in Deraa governorate in a bid to flush out troops loyal to Syrian president from the southern governorate, but their efforts have hit a snag amid strong resistance from well fortified Syrian troops.

    Damascus accuses Amman of aiding rebels seeking to topple the Syrian regime, but Amman strongly denies accusations.

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