EU to decide who has the right to asylum

Migrants from Morocco and Tunisia not to be admitted

07 September, 19:36

    Migrants and refugees at Macedonian border Migrants and refugees at Macedonian border

     - BRUSSELS - Most asylum seekers in Europe come from Syria, Afghanistan, Eritrea and Nigeria. Syrians and Afghans enter mostly Greece and Hungary through Turkey, while Eritreans and Nigerians come to Italy from Libya. The European Commission is currently drawing up a list of 'safe' countries of origin - where the domestic situation does not give a right to request asylum in Europe - which will make it possible to identify more rapidly which individuals are economic migrants to be sent back. The latter will include Macedonia, Turkey and Montenegro, which are EU member state candidates, as well as Kosovo, Serbia, Albania and Bosnia-Herzegovina ('potential' candidates). Some 32,810 asylum requests were filed in the first quarter of 2015, 70% of which were from Kosovo citizens, fleeing poverty more than persecution. Using this list, Brussels believes it can speed up request processing to as few as five days in some cases. EU regulation requires processing within 6 months. At the current phase, those from North African countries such as Morocco and Tunisia will also not be considered eligible for asylum. 

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