Terror: EU-UN against radicalization Sahel-Maghreb

Pilot project worth 5 mln euros to stop expansion extremism

11 September, 10:41

    Rally to denounce terrorism in Tunis Rally to denounce terrorism in Tunis

    ROME - Countering the radicalization and violent extremism in the region of Sahel-Maghreb are the main objectives of a pilot project launched in Brussels by the European Union and the United Nations.

    The initiative - funded by the Union with five million euros - will be organized by the UN Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute (UNICRI). For a duration of four years, the project will promote ''de-radicalization activities'' in the region thanks to the involvement of civil society: non-government organizations, victims of terrorism, mass media, cultural associations, women and youth organizations will be key partners in implementing the project's activities.

    ''Violent extremism does not stop at borders'', explained the director of southern neighborhood of the European Commission, Michael A. Koehler. ''Cooperation between Europe and countries in the region is fundamental to contain this growing threat''.

    ''We need a holistic approach to respond to the factors that can lead to the radicalization of people and their involvement in terror groups. This is one of four pillars of the European anti-terrorism strategy''.

    The director of UNICRI, Cindy J. Smith, said there is no simple solution to stop the thousands of people joining violent extremist groups - though development and laws are the most effective weapons to combat such a phenomenon with civil society as an ally.

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