'Bullfighting war', Balearic islands ban tradition

As of 2016, decision government Podemos-socialists-nationalists

09 October, 11:11

    'Bullfighting war', Balearic islands ban tradition 'Bullfighting war', Balearic islands ban tradition

    (by Francesco Cerri)

    MADRID - The Balearic islands will also be abolishing bullfighting: the Mediterranean archipelago will ban the Fiesta Nacional next year and will become the third 'corrida-free' Spanish region after Catalonia and the Canaries.

    The three parties that have been forming the new majority government in Majorca - the socialists, Podemos and nationalists with Mas - have started parliamentary work that will lead over the coming weeks to the approval of the ban. Bullfighting will stand no chance.

    The initiative started from two animal rights groups, 'Mallorca Sense Sang' and 'Cas Internacional', which succeeded in obtaining the backing of the three-party local cabinet. The new city governments led by the post-indignados party that gained power in several major Spanish cities like Madrid, Zaragoza, La Corua have already decided or announced they are cutting public funding for bullfighting and related activities.

    In Madrid, mayor Manuela Carmena wants to close the bullfighting school. She has announced funding cuts and wants to chase it from land that belongs to the city. But the school could be saved by the Madrid region chaired by PP member Cristina Vifuentes.

    The nationalists, as in Catalonia, have sided with the abolitionists. They see bullfighting, in Majorca as in Barcelona, as a symbol of Spanish 'imperialism'. The PS also signed a regional government pact that provides for its abolition.

    Along with bullfighting, the Balearic islands will ban bull races, the correbous including the secular race in Fornalutx, the most famous of the archipelago - all forms of ''torture'' against animals, according to campaigners. And nationalist regional lawmaker David Abril they are a negative symbol of Spain.

    The local veto announced a political fight next year on bullfighting in Spain if the Popular Party of Premier Mariano Rajoy, which defends it as a secular tradition and has proclaimed it a 'national cultural heritage' will lose a political vote in December. If a coalition formed by socialists and Podemos will gain power, as possible, the Spanish 'National fiesta' with its hundreds of thousands of aficionados, will shortly come to an end.

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