Libya: Military intervention would be big mistake- Gentiloni

Minister of Foreign Affairs interviewed by Le Figaro

15 January, 11:13

    (ANSAmed) - PARIS, JANUARY 15 - "In the current phase it's not possible. It would be a serious mistake. Americans and Europeans are squaring their bets on the stabilisation of the Country" said Italian Foreign Minister, Paolo Gentiloni, during an interview with French newspaper Le Figaro, in response to a question on possible military intervention by the coalition in Libya.

    Gentiloni said he "does not see an alternative" to the establishment of a government of national unity contributing to the stabilisation of the Country. "Any other scenario - warned the minister - would be dangerous for Libya and for the international community". "We can contain the terrorist threat in several ways but there are no other means to stabilise the Country and initiate its reconstruction", stated Gentiloni reaffirming the need for a government of national unity. "If in a few months we will somberly have to admit that the Libyans have renounced this scenario - he added speaking to Le Figaro - then surely an anti-Isis coalition such as the one in Iraq and Syria will have to be formed but I insist this is not on the agenda today nor tomorrow. Doing this now, would mean certifying that Libyan efforts are destined to failure. If we had to intervene against terrorism we would wish to do so after a request by the Libyan government in order to support it".

    In the interview the Foreign Minister stressed that "we must not underestimate the threat", but neither "describe Libya as an Isis province". (ANSAmed).

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