Migrants: mayor of Lampedusa awarded Anue Peace Prize

Cerimony in Barcelona, cooperation accord with Lesbos

17 March, 14:29

    Spain, Italy and Greece sign agreement of cooperation on refugee crisis Spain, Italy and Greece sign agreement of cooperation on refugee crisis

    (ANSAmed) - LAMPEDUSA (AGRIGENTO), MARCH 17 - The 36th Peace Prize of Anue (United Nations Association of Spain) was awarded to Giusi Nicolini for her committment to human rights in her capacity as mayor of Lampedusa and Linosa.

    The cerimony took place at the Barcelona Sea Museum attended by Anue President, Eduard Sagarra, and the president of the Barcelona Deputation Mercè Conesa. Giusi Nicolini dedicated the prestigious award to her citizens "for everythting they do every day welcoming and offering shelter''.

    The day was intense packed with interviews and institutional meetings.

    In the Barcelona municipality Giusi Nicolini met Ada Colau, the mayor of Barcelona and Spyros Galinòs, the mayor of the Greek island of Lesbos which is living in conditions similar to the ones of Lampedusa in 2011.

    The mayors of the two islands signed a friendship and cooperation agreement with Barcelona to work together within the framework of economic promotion, tourism, sports and culture in order to promote cooperation, the exchange of information and shared strategies to confront the European crisis created by the arrival of migrants and refugees.

    ''All our solidarity goes to the Lesbos community - said Nicolini - No island must ever be left alone to confront such a huge emergency which is what happened to Lampedusa in the past'' . "The EU wants to burden our shoulders with the weight of a momentous problem and that's not fair'' denounced the Mayor of Lesbos, which is currently hosting 6 thousand refugees camping on the island and waiting for an entry and relocation into the EU.

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