Migrants: Alfano, at work on hotspots at sea 'if needed'

'No disagreement with Renzi,' interior minister tell

20 May, 10:20

    Italian Interior Minister Angelino Alfano Italian Interior Minister Angelino Alfano

    BRUSSELS - Italy is working on the creation of floating hotspots to be used "if necessary", Italian Interior Minister Angelino Alfano said on arriving at the EU home affairs council in Brussels on Friday. "We have been working on the idea of 'floating hotspots' for over a month, with all the preliminary technical studies, to prevent a situation of difficulty or disorder at quaysides and to organise photo ID directly on board, under the auspices of Frontex, in the presence of humanitarian organisations," Alfano said. The work is being carried out "within a context and logic of 'only if necessary'," he added. The minister also denied disagreement with Premier Matteo Renzi over hotspots.

    "The statements made by the premier are correct and irreproachable, the (number of migrants) is falling and we are working to further reduce the flow," Alfano said. "That being said, I am the interior minister and I am preparing for the possibility that new (hotspots) might be needed, so that everything is ready … if they are not required I will be the happiest of all," Alfano concluded.

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