EU launches 'Marshall Plan' for Africa

Up to 88 bn of investments to counter migration

15 September, 11:10

    Migrants saved at sea Migrants saved at sea

    BRUSSELS - Brussels has launched a 'Marshall Plan' for Africa contemplating an initial expenditure of 3.7 billion euros but with an investment potential of up to 88 billion euros in an attempt to tackle the root causes of migration to Europe. EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini has described the plan as a 'Copernican revolution'. The aim is to promote development, employment and stability in Africa by creating opportunities for EU companies and beneficiary countries. The European Commission hopes to see the plan in place befoe the EU-Africa summit in March 2017. "The investment plan and the Migration compacts are two separate projects acting together because both will help us to manage the migration phenomenon," Mogherini said.
    "The Plan will help more in the long term, while the 'compacts' will help in the immediate term," she explained. Meanwhile the EU is tightening controls on its external borders to combat irregular immigration and terrorism. "Every time a person enters the EU they will be registered with place, date and reason for their movement," Commission president Jean Claude Juncker said.
    The new European coastguard and border agency is also due to begin operations in mid-October after receiving definitive approval from the European Council on Wednesday. 

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