Jordan: nationwide demo against government planned

Aim is to bring down pm Mulki, after hike of prices on imports

20 February, 19:18

    Jordan's prime minister Hani al Mulki Jordan's prime minister Hani al Mulki

    AMMAN - Activists plan to stage nationwide protests to bring down the government following recent controversial decisions to raise prices on commodities, organizers said on Sunday.
    Political activists from southern city of Tafelah joined others from central city of Salt, Theiban and the north in the call for demonstrations against government of prime minister Hani al Mulki, whose government is committed to paying off increasing foreign debts.
    Locally known as Herak, the political movement is spearheaded by trans-Jordanian activists from rural areas and small cities suffering from harsh living conditions due to increasing poverty and unemployment.
    "Popular movement in Tafilah re-iterate its demands for the sacking of prime minister Hani al Mulki, forming national unity government and putting corrupts to trial," said a statement published by protest organizers, who vowed to maintain their push for reform until the government is sacked.
    The demonstrations come against the backdrop of recent decisions by the government to double taxes on dozens of imported items and impose more taxes on other goods as part of financial plan agreed with the International Monitory Fund (IMF) and the World Bank(WB). 

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