ISIS threatens producers, cast of 'Black Crows' TV show

On Saudi MBC network for Ramadan. 'Fight ISIS with ideas'

07 August, 19:31

    Un'immagine di ragazzini reclutati dall'Isis tratta dalla ficton della Mbc sull'Isis a Raqqa Un'immagine di ragazzini reclutati dall'Isis tratta dalla ficton della Mbc sull'Isis a Raqqa

    ROME - Saudi Arabian satellite broadcaster Middle East Broadcasting Centre (MBC) launched a nightly television series called "Black Crows" during the holy month of Ramadan, depicting daily life under ISIS in the Syrian city of Raqqa, and the show's actors and crew have since received death threats from the group.

    MBC program director Ali Jaber spoke about the show and the threats with US public radio network NPR and was cited Wednesday in the Arab press by the website Sabq.

    MBC is the largest private broadcaster in North Africa and the Middle East.

    Jaber told NPR the network has increased security at its locations in Dubai, Beirut, Cairo, Riyadh, and Jeddah. The Libyan journalist said he and others involved with the show receive threats from ISIS "on a daily basis".

    "ISIS is not only an organization," Jaber said. "It's an idea; it's a narrative. And you don't bomb an idea. You fight an idea with a more progressive, more compelling idea," he said.

    "I think ISIS did not come out from emptiness. It came out from some of the wrong religious teachings that have been going on in our societies for a very long time".

    The series is set in the ISIS "capital" Raqqa, and the sets were built based on accounts from people who lived there and escaped.

    The militants' cruelty and abuse are narrated from the point of view of women, as ISIS affiliates or and victims of the jihadist group, and of children, who are often subject to abuse and brainwashing in order to be trained as snipers and assassins.

    "We are fighting against very formidable enemy because they are using the words of God and they are using the basic instincts of people to lure sympathizers and to lure soldiers," Jaber said.

    Actress Mona Shaddad, who plays a woman who joins ISIS in Iraq after having unsuccessfully searched for her husband for 20 years, said that she too has received death threats.

    "But I'm not afraid, because omnipotent God is protecting me," she told pan-Arab television news channel Al Arabiya.

    "Also, this production has, and has had, the protection of many governments," she said.

    Tunisian actress Fatma Nasser said her Facebook page was hacked by pro-ISIS websites.

    In the series she plays the local emir's companion, and makes up part of a cast that includes tens of actors from seven Arab countries. .

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