Jordan: Muslim Brotherhood claims victory in local elections

Secures at least 3 major mayoral seats, final results today

16 August, 14:00

    (ANSAmed) - AMMAN, AUGUST 16 - Municipal and decentralization elections concluded in Jordan late Tuesday with a major victory claimed by the Muslim Brotherhood and their allies.

    Violent incidents and looting was reported by eyewitnesses and officials in one polling station.

    Elections had to be extended in most parts of the kingdom amid low turnout and prevailing apathy, particularly in big cities including Amman, Zarqa, Irbid and Salt.

    The Islamist movement managed to secure at least three mayors seats including in the city of Zarqa, the most populous in the kingdom, as well as 52 percent of the decentralization council, The group, which is banned in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and other countries, is very popular in the kingdom.

    Meanwhile, looters attacked a polling station in al-Mwaqar, destroying ballot boxes and causing chaos in the area, officials said. The incident is reminiscent of previous incidents when pro-government tribes attacked polling centres to disrupt elections in certain parts of the country.

    The government said it will announce the final results of the elections late in the day. (ANSAmed)
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