Pro-Sisi committees already at work for Egypt 2018 elections

Sadat's son calls for impartial media

24 August, 16:10

    (ANSAmed) - CAIRO, AUGUST 24 - The first signs that Egypt's 2018 presidential election is on the horizon came with the emergence of committees supporting current president Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, as reported online by Egyptian daily Al Ahram.

    The High Council of Judges said the members of the national electoral commission (NEC) have already been elected.

    Mohamed Anwar El Sadat, son of former Egyptian president Anwar el Sadat, who was assassinated by fundamental army officers in 1981, wrote letters to the heads of the NEC and the High Council calling on regulation of the media. The younger Sadat leads the independent Reform and Development Party (RDP), and was expelled from the Egyptian Parliament last year under accusations of having tarnished Egypt's image internationally. In his letters, he asked that defamation of candidates be avoided, and called on all media outlets to be treated as authorities without preference, in order to avoid some conducting their own separate campaigns.

    Despite the fact that El-Sisi hasn't yet confirmed he plans to run, the Free Egyptians party and the Nation's Future party (with 188 MPs, a 20% share) announced that they will hold pro-Sisi rallies in Egyptian governorates in the coming weeks.

    A campaign titled "Together With You for the Love of Egypt" will kick off on Saturday, led by the head of the Egypt Youth party, Ahmee Abdel-Hady, which 10 other parties are expected to join, Al Ahram online said.

    Article 142 of the Egyptian Constitution states that presidential candidates must be supported by at least 20 MPs or at least 25,000 citizens from 15 governorates.(ANSAmed).

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