Week of no return for Catalonia, referendum law to be voted

No polling station in mosques - Spanish Islamic Commission

05 September, 14:05

    BARCELONA - This is the week of no-return for Catalonia with seccessionist lawmakers on Wednesday set to approve the law instituting the independence referendum on October 1, which Madrid considers to be unconstitutional. On the same evening Catalan governor Carles Puigdemont is expected to sign the enabling decree, which will be countersigned by all the ministers in the regional government. Spanish Premier will appeal against the law within 24 hours to the constitutional court, which will suspend it immediately.

    At that point Puigdemont and his government will have to either obey Spanish law and call off the referendum or press ahead in the name of 'Catalan legality'. They have already said this is what they intend to do.

    "Things are already at a point of no return," said analyst Inaki Gabilondo.

    In the clash between David and Goliath from Thursday or Friday the scenario could become unpredictable. Rajoy has all the force of the State - police, judiciary, army - on his side, as well as article 155 of the constitution allowing him to remove Puigdemont from office and suspend Catalonia's autonomy.

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