Alfano denounces 'upsurge of anti-semitism'

New Europe resembles that of 1930s, Ronald Lauder (Wsj) says

29 January, 19:55

    (ANSAmed) - Rome, January 29 - Today there are "too many signs of an upsurge of antisemitism: we must fight it, becuase our security is at stake," Italian Foreign Minister Angelino Alfano said at the opening of a conference on anti-semitism in OSCEcountries at the foreign ministry on Monday. It is necessary to be "more incisive in countering every form of discrimination" because "the wheel of extremism can start turning again everywhere", Alfano said. "We need to be alarmed when anti-semitic demonstrations are met with silence." The minister pointed the finger at fake news circulating on the internet "that reminds us of the lies told about Jews in the 1930s". President of the World Jewish Congress Ronald Lauder said "this is not the place to discuss the new Polish law" on the Holocaust, but "all governments must be alert to any kind of anti-semitism in their country". Lauder also said generally speaking he was concerned about the political situation in Europe, citing the support received by the far right in France, Germany and Austria. "The new Europe looks increasingly like the Europe of the 1930s. As a Jew, I couldn't see anything more dangerous," he said. (ANSA).

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