Union of Tunisian imams not opposed to gay marriage

Achour supports proposals of Commission on Liberties

26 June, 11:51

    Fadhel Achour, Secretary General of the Union of Tunisian Imams Fadhel Achour, Secretary General of the Union of Tunisian Imams

    TUNIS - The Secretary General of the Union of Tunisian Imams, Fadhel Achour, said he is not opposed to gay marriage in Tunisia, taking a position that surprised everyone while a debate is underway in the country following the publication of a report by the Commission for Individual Liberties and Gender Equality.

    In that report, one of the recommendations was "liberalisation of marriage contracts", which Achour received positively, he said, speaking to local radio Jawhara.

    "Liberalisation of marriage contracts will allow all Tunisians to marry, no matter what their sexual orientation," Achour said.

    More generally, Achour called the report's proposals and recommendations "revolutionary" and not in contrast with the Quran and Sharia.

    In contrast to other religious associations contrary to the contents of the report, such as the National Coordination for the Defence of the Quran, Achour proposes a moderate reading of the sacred book and maintains that "parliament is the only institution with the ability to vote yes or no on the proposals contained in the text".

    "People who consider themselves defenders of the Quran must understand that the sacred book of Islam and of Sharia doesn't need to be defended by anyone," Achour said.

    "Only God is responsible for the conservation of the Quran and the defence of the religion, above all where Sharia applies only to believers," he told Jawhara fm.

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