On migrants, Hungary says it shares Salvini's position

Cites him saying opening Italy's ports to world is crazy

25 September, 17:30

    BRUSSELS - Zoltan Kovacs, a spokesperson for the Hungarian government, said on Twitter that the country's position on migrants "remains unchanged" and is "that of the former Interior Minister Matteo Salvini, who used frank language on Twitter regarding the recent developments" in Malta.
    "'Assistance to those few who flee war is a duty, but opening the ports of Italy to the entire world is crazy.' On this path, the EU will fund pro-immigration NGOs and, even without wanting to, will put money in traffickers' pockets," Kovacs said.
    With "migrant quotes it is almost as if we have gone back to the beginning" Kovacs said, citing "security problems" and "an attraction factor" that could "encourage millions of people to depart for Europe".
    "The relocation system outlined Monday promotes the idea of a mandatory quota, distributing the illegals even before they arrive in European ports," he said.
    "With the recent events they managed to restart the debate and they will make a new attempt to impose the agenda in favour of immigration. But we won't give up," he said.

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