Cassation Court confirms Rackete respected duty to rescue

Written motivation confirms 'no' on arrest of Sea Watch captain

20 February, 17:15

    Sea Watch Captain Carole Rackete Sea Watch Captain Carole Rackete

    ROME - The supreme Court of Cassation released its written motivation on Thursday for its ruling that Sea Watch Captain Carole Rackete should not have been arrested.

    It said Rackete acted correctly based on provisions for "rescue at sea" when she entered the port of Lampedusa, because "the obligation to rescue doesn't end in the act of removing the shipwrecked people from the danger of becoming lost at sea, but includes the accessory and consequent obligation of disembarking them in a safe place".

    Rackete had been arrested with the accusation of having forced a naval blockade by an Italian finance police patrol boat aimed at impeding access to the port.

    The Court of Cassation said the patrol boat was legitimately excluded from being considered a warship because there wasn't an Italian Navy officer at the helm, as required by law, but rather a finance police marshal.

    Therefore, Rackete acted in a manner that was "justified" by the risk of danger to the lives of the migrants aboard her ship.

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