Migrants: 400 NGOs appeal 'never another Moria'

'EU Pact confirms policies that caused fires'

08 October, 18:53

    ROME - Doctors Without Borders, together with over 400 NGOs, is appealing to Europe one month after the fire that destroyed the Moria refugee camp in Greece, to keep its promise of "no more Morias". In the appeal, the NGOs denounce the miserable conditions in other camps without essential services, including the new camp in Lesbo, which it said "was built quickly on a former shooting range and recalls the misery of the former one: people wash themselves and their children in the sea because there are no showers, there are few outhouses, and food is distributed once a day". They said it is also impossible to respect even the most basic anti-Covid rules.

    "Over 7,500 people are still trapped in inhumane conditions" in the new camp, the appeal said. "And other thousands, including 7,000 children, continue to live in other unworthy and dangerous camps on the Aegean Islands," it said.

    Taking a cue from other entities' and civil society's numerous criticisms and requests for changes to the Migration Pact under examination by the European Commission, the NGOs reiterated that the Pact "doesn't respond to these requests but reaffirms the European governments' and institutions' commitment to the same policies that caused the fires".

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