'Meeting Netanyahu, bin Salman, Pompeo' - media

Saudi sources said leaders discussed Iran, peace

23 November, 16:00

    TEL AVIV - Israeli Premier Benyamin Netanyahu and Mossad chief Yossi Cohen allegedly met Sunday in Saudi Arabia with crown prince Mohamed Bin Salman for secret talks, according to unconfirmed reports. Some media outlets said the talks were also attended by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. The premier's office was quoted as refusing to comment the report by the media outlets.

    The meeting - according to Israeli sources quoted by the media - took place in Neom, a Saudi city and tech hub on the Red Sea not far from the border with Egypt. It is considered the 'smart city' of Saudi Arabia. Netanyahu and Cohen arrived by private jet which was detected by flight tracking websites, according to media reports. It remained on the ground for about two hours and returned to Israel at around half past midnight.

    Haaretz claimed that the same private jet took the premier several times to Russia to meet with President Vladimir Putin.

    It was the same plane he meant to take to travel to Washington to sign the Abraham Accords which was however replaced by an El Al flight.

    Saudi sources were quoted by the Wall Street Journal as confirming the meeting between bin Salman and Netanyahu but explained that no agreements were reached. The same sources said that Iran and the normalization of relations between Arabia and Israel were on the agenda of the meeting.

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