Kuwaiti women initiate #MeToo social media campaign

Telling their stories using "lan asket" ('I will not be silent')

10 February, 17:31

    (ANSAmed) - BEIRUT, FEBRUARY 10 - Some women in the conservative, wealthy Arab emirate of Kuwait have begun to take part in a social media campaign to speak out against harassment, sexual assault, and rape.

    The initiative is in the wake of a mobilisation that began in 2017 in the US using the hashtag and slogan #MeToo.

    On Wednesday, the hashtag "lan asket" (in Arabic: 'I will not be silent') began showcasing dozens of stories of being stalked, harassed, and assaulted.

    The campaign was launched by Kuwait fashion blogger Asha al-Faraj, who is followed by 2.5 million people on social media.

    In recent days, Faraj had posted a film in which "the problem" that has its grip on Kuwait was discussed explicitly.

    Faraj said that "the problem" is that constant harassment of women: "every time I go out, there is someone who harasses me or harasses another woman in the street", she stated in the video.

    "Have you no shame? We have a problem with harassment in this country, and I have had enough," she added.

    The mobilization started by Faraj has received support in recent days from the US embassy in Kuwait as well. The diplomatic office called on social media for support to the campaign, noting that everyone can do more to prevent the harassment of women in both Kuwait and the US.

    Those taking part in the online mobilisation underscore that foreign women are hit the worst by both violence of a sexual nature and harassment, many of whom migrant workers and thus more vulnerable to abuse. (ANSA).

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