Long political crisis ends in Israel says Bennett

'Kabbalistic curse' against the incoming premier posted online

11 June, 17:53

    Naftali Bennett Naftali Bennett

    TEL AVIV - The incoming premier of Israel, Naftali Bennett, leader of 'Yamina', said on Friday that the "signature of the accords ends two and a half years of political crisis", presenting to the Knesset the government agreement, required by law, on which parliament will vote confidence on Sunday.

    "Great challenges await the citizens of Israel and everybody is looking at us with hope", he added. Government partner and centrist leader Yair Lapid - who will be premier in the second part of the legislature - highlighted that "Israelis deserve a functioning and responsible government".

    'Kabbalistic curse' against Bennett posted online

    TEL AVIV - A 'Kabbalistic curse', known as 'Pulsa de Nura' (lashes of fire, in Aramaic) has been posted online against the incoming Israeli premier Naftali Bennett. The leader of the national-religious party Yamina was slammed as a "villain who wants to strike the world of the Torah", due to the cabinet agreement formed with secular parties and with the Arab Islamic Raam party. In the curse, the intervention of the "angels of destruction" was implored.

    In 1995 a 'Pulsa de Nura' was launched against Yitzhak Rabin (over the Oslo agreements with the PLO) shortly before he was assassinated by a Jewish extremist. In 2005, premier Ariel Sharon was also cursed with a 'Pulsa de Nura' due to the withdrawal from Gaza. Six months later, he had a stroke from which he never recovered. The text against Bennett, observers said, could be a fake as it has not been signed by a rabbi. However, it follows a warning issued by the secret services concerning grave physical threats against members of the new government and after an influential rabbi established the need to do "everything possible" against the new government.

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