Gaza: Hamas organises a 'ministerial' executive branch

After failed talks to form national unity government

15 June, 16:08

    Palestinian Hamas Gaza Chief Yahya Al-Sinwar Palestinian Hamas Gaza Chief Yahya Al-Sinwar

    GAZA - Hamas announced that one of its leaders, Issam al-Da'alis, will take office Tuesday as president of the "Governing Committee for the Management of Gaza Issues".

    Press reports said the committee is tasked with coordinating the activities of the ministries in the Gaza Strip.

    The announcement of the naming of al-Da'alis came after the failure in Cairo of talks between the two Palestinian political factions, al-Fatah and Hamas, to establish a national unity government.

    According to the Jerusalem Post, on Monday the Palestinian National Authority accused Hamas of not wanting a unity government and of instead aiming to build a separate political entity in the Gaza Strip.

    Press reports in Gaza said these developments could have negative effects on international efforts to rebuild Gaza following heavy fighting with Israel last month.

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