EU supports Libya elections roadmap, foreign policy chief

Solution in Libyan hands, Borrell tells ANSA in an interview

08 September, 12:49

    (ANSAmed) -ROME, SEPT 8 - EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell landed in the Libyan capital of Tripoli Wednesday for a quick visit, the Spanish politician told ANSA in an interview.

    "This is the second time in the past year that I am visiting Libya and my message is clear: it is an important neighbour of the EU and we are supporting Libya and its population on the road towards becoming a stable, peaceful, and prosperous country," Borrell said. "We support the full implementation of the ceasefire agreement and the roadmap for the elections. The solution to the crisis must be implemented by Libyans." "On the request of Libya, we are ready to help Libya restructure its security forces and provide, where necessary, training. At the same time, we are supporting efforts to implement the ceasefire agreement, which support include a withdrawal of all foreign forces in the country," he added.

    The EU foreign policy chief said that "with the stabilization of the situation in Libya, it should be possible to find better, more humane, and more efficient solutions to issues linked to migration. The only ones to benefit from instability in this context are criminal gangs and human traffickers, who exploit the desperate by sending them on a very risky journey across the Mediterranean. We are continuing to act against these criminals.

    We are also working to support Libyan border management capacity and we are active elsewhere in Africa." (ANSAmed).

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