Egypt approves 'strategy for human rights'

But asking for western standards immediately 'dictatorial', Sisi

13 September, 17:46

    CAIRO - Egypt has launched its first "National strategy for human rights" with an event attended by Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi during which he spoke about a "great moment in Egyptian history" but also asked to avoid a "dictatorial" approach demanding the immediate implementation of western standards.

    This "Egyptian vision for human rights" to be implemented over the 2021-2026 period "is based on fundamental pillars" including the "close connection between democracy and human rights" and the "balancing" between "individual" and "Social rights" ("healthcare services" are "a right", among others), said Sisi in a speech held Saturday in a congress room of the new administrative capital being erected east of Cairo.

    "This is the first national strategy produced by an autonomous Egyptian philosophy based on society", stressed the president, claiming that "the Egyptian State affirms its engagement in promoting and protecting the right to physical integrity, personal freedom, the exercise of political rights, freedom of expression" and more.

    Addressing a roundtable during the ceremony, Sisi admitted that the approval of the national strategy is "nothing other than an initial step of thousands of steps towards a modern democratic State that respects and promotes the human rights of its people".

    Also addressing western capitals, Sisi claimed that "everybody thinks they are better than others", wishing to impose their model "to other societies". However, he warned, "please keep in mind that this could be a dictatorial approach".

    During the presentation of the "Strategy", there was no mention of issues including the Regeni case and that of Patrick Zaki.

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