Lebanese Hezbollah confirms that Iranian oil to arrive Thurs

To enter Bekaa Valley through traffickers

14 September, 14:45

    BEIRUT - Hasan Nasrallah, the leader of the Lebanese armed and political movement Hezbollah, on Tuesday morning confirmed that Iranian oil headed for Lebanon would enter the country on Thursday.
    Lebanon is suffering from an economic collapse and a prolonged lack of basic goods and services.
    In a speech broadcast on television, Nasrallah stated the news that had previously circulated as rumor: that oil requested from Iran had arrived in Iranian cargo ships through the Suez Canal and been unloaded at the Syrian port of Baniyas. It was then loaded onto tankers currently heading from the Mediterranean coast through the Homs region to the Lebanese border and its Bekaa valley, which for eight years has been firmly in the hands of Shia militias and local tribes.
    Lebanese and Syrian media said that Syrian and Lebanese traffickers that work with Hezbollah have for years been operating along the Homs-Nekaa route and that they are linked to the trafficking of drugs, weapons, and fuel.
    The Hezbollah leader confirmed that the Iranian oil would be transported on this route to avoid "embarrassing the Lebanese authorities", which are supposed to comply with international sanctions against Iran imposed by the US.

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