Lebanon: PM says elections to take place 27 March 2022

Miqati confirms vote moved up by six weeks

28 September, 12:49

    Parliament session on Lebanon Cabinet Parliament session on Lebanon Cabinet

    BEIRUT - The highly anticipated Lebanese legislative elections will be moved up by six weeks to take place 27 March 2022 instead of 8 May, said Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Miqati in a television interview.
    Miqati said the decision hasn't been formalised yet but the date of 27 March is certain.
    "I still have to speak with the interior minister to verify some things," he said.
    In recent days there has been incessant talk about the proposal by various parliamentary blocs to move up the elections.
    The official reason behind the proposal is the observation that if the election were to take place in early May, the electoral campaign would coincide with the Islamic month of fasting, Ramadan, which this year runs from 2 April to 2 May.
    Local analysts, however, said the main parties in power, challenged for two years by the protest movement against the patronage system, are in a hurry to go to the polls under the current electoral law.
    One of the main sensitive topics is the right of Lebanese citizens living abroad to vote.
    Many Lebanese citizens abroad support the popular demonstrations against Lebanon's economic collapse that have been taking place across the country since fall 2019.
    Based on the current electoral law of 2017, the upcoming legislative elections provide for the election of six MPs out of 128 by citizens abroad.
    But Lebanese experts said the law is based on a generic provision that has to be accompanied by a series of clarifications by legislators on the operational and logistical procedures for the election of six MPs by Lebanese citizens abroad.

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