Migrants: 2020 record year for migration drop, OECD

Nearly no impact on State coffers, report says

28 October, 16:15

    PARIS - The year 2020 has registered an unprecedented drop of at least 30% of migration flows towards OECD countries, where the pandemic has also "ended 10 years of improvements" for immigrants in the labor market, according to the International Migration Outlook published by the OECD in Paris.
    "The crisis from Covid-19 has led to the most significant drop ever registered of migration flows in OECD countries, by over 30%", wrote the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development based in Paris. With over 3.7 million people that have reached its 25 member countries, immigration touched last year the lowest level ever registered since 2003. The US, which remained the top country of immigration of the OECD, registered a 44% drop from 2019, with 576,000 new entries in 2020. In Italy, the number of asylum seekers dropped by 39.4% in 2020, to reach about 21,000 people.
    Moreover, by calculating the difference between the taxes paid by immigrants and the State's expenses, OECD said their "impact on the budget" broke even and could be positive. "In all countries, the contribution of immigrants in the form of taxes and social security exceeded expenses paid by countries for their social protection, health and education, said the organization in the report on migratory perspectives published on Thursday. In France, for example, the net contribution of people born abroad was 1.02% of GDP, slightly higher, compared to an OECD average of 1,56%.

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