Zaki: EU engagement with Egypt continues, von der Leyen

Response to appeal of Castaldo (M5s) and Majorino (PD)

24 November, 17:36

    (ANSAmed) - BRUSSELS, NOVEMBER 24 - European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen stressed "our commitment on Mr.

    Zaki's case" in a letter to European lawmakers Fabio Massimo Castaldo, of the Five Star Movement, and Piefrancesco Majorino, of the Democratic Party, promoters of the initiative for the release of University of Bologna Egyptian student Patrick Zaki, signed by 40 members of the European Parliament. "The European Union will continue to deal with this case with our Egyptian counterparts and to remind Egypt of the importance of the respect of freedom of expression", the letter went on to say. "Since Zaki's arrest in February 2020, the European Union has followed the case closely and has undertaken specific actions in line with resolutions of the European Parliament on the human rights situation in Egypt", continued von der Leyen. She added that the "EU constantly raised Zaki's case with Egyptian authorities and publicly expressed concern for his detention".

    Castaldo and Majorino commented in a statement that the letter "is a declaration of commitment that we appreciate and which we think should be followed up with the necessary determination, so that it does not just remain a declaration of good intentions".

    "We will continue to ask the Commission, the High representative for foreign affairs and the governments of member States to do everything possible to obtain as soon as possible Zaki's release and to guarantee the safeguard of his fundamental rights", commented the two EMPs. They concluded stressing the importance of a "change in our diplomatic and commercial relations" with Egypt. (ANSAmed).

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