General al Raisi elected president of Interpol

He is accused of torture in 5 countries, including France,Turkey

25 November, 18:40

    Durham University PhD student Matthew Hedges and his wife in London before his arrest in the UAE Durham University PhD student Matthew Hedges and his wife in London before his arrest in the UAE

    ISTANBUL - The general of the United Arab Emirates, Naser Ahmed al Raisi, has been elected president of Interpol during a general assembly in Istanbul.

    Raisi has been accused of torture in five countries, including Turkey and France.

    "He can't hide from very serious charges against him, we urge Interpol to fulfill the fundamental duty to investigate these shocking crimes", international lawyer Rodney Dixon said, commenting al Raisi's election. Dixon has just filed a complaint for torture against him in Istanbul. Prosecutors of the city on the Bosphorus have asked the justice ministry for authorization to proceed with an investigation against al Raisi, who is accused of supervising the arbitrary detention and torture of Matthew Hedges and Ali Ahmad Issa, British citizens who were arrested in the Emirates in 2018 and 2019 when al Raisi was already an inspector general of the interior ministry of the Emirates.

    "I am extremely concerned for what (al Raisi's election) can signify for people like me who have suffered abuse in the Emirates and who have been forced to release confessions under torture", said Matthew Hedges, who was detained for seven months in isolation in 2018 for allegedly spying for the British government while he was in the Emirates for a research as a PhD student.

    "Honestly, I think the result of this election was decided beforehand", commented Ali Ahmad Issa, the other British citizen who denounced that he was tortured by Emirati police in 2019 after being arrested while he was on holiday in the country for wearing the jersey of Qatar's soccer team during a sports event.

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