Israeli settlers against govt over outpost legalisation

Political battle for Homesh religious school

14 January, 14:12

    TEL AVIV - Thousands of people gathered on Thursday night in Jerusalem at the office of Prime Minister Naftali Bennett to support a stable Jewish presence in the Homesh settlement in the northern part of the West Bank, where a month ago a Jewish religious student was attacked by a Palestinian.
    Demonstrators - including the leaders of the settlers movement and MPs from Likud and the far right - say that the Israeli government should abstain from "awarding terrorism" by dismantling once and for all a Jewish religious school in Homesh, as there are preparations to do.
    They say that, to the contrary, the Jewish presence in Homesh - a settlement that was dismantled in 2006 - should be legalised and increase in size.
    Meanwhile, tension remains high in the nearby Palestinian village of Burqa near Jenin.
    The inhabitants - who lay claim to the land on which the Homesh religious school is located - clashed with the Israeli army on Thursday.

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