Parties still disagree over Netanyahu plea deal

Clash over 'dishonourable conduct' term banning politics

14 January, 16:50

    TEL AVIV - Rumours have increased about a possible plea deal that former Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu may agree to as part of a trial against him in Jerusalem.
    He is charged in three cases for alleged corruption, fraud, and abuse of power.
    The main aim of Netanyahu is to avoid his behaviour being considered "dishonourable" with a resulting preclusion by law of a continuing of his political career or holding any further government posts.
    Prosecutor general Avichai Mandelblit is instead insisting, according to the media, for the plea deal to include "dishonour", with an implicit exclusion for a period of time (possibly seven years) of the former prime minister from politics.
    Mandelbilt - who has been approached by Netanyahu's lawyers - would like to close the case prior to leaving his position in February.
    In the agreement - if it comes into being - the prime minister will be required to admit his responsibility in three separate cases as concerns fraud and abuse of power but not corruption.
    Netanyahu wants the deal to establish that he will leave politics only at the end of the legal process, meaning after a verdict rendered following the presentation of the plea deal.
    The prosecutor's office however is concerned that if Netanyahu, once the verdict is issued, breaks his promises there are no legal means to prevent him from returning to parliament.
    This is why Mandelbilt is fighting to get the plea deal to include the words "dishonourable conduct".

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