Ukraine: Greece, Cyprus against fast-track EU membership

All procedures must be followed, west Balkans first, sources

27 May, 15:01

    (ANSAmed) - BRUSSELS, MAY 27 - Greece and Cyprus are supporting Ukraine's EU membership but oppose an accelerated adhesion process, suggested by several eastern European countries, Euractiv reports, quoting foreign ministry sources for Greece and government sources for Cyprus.

    Greece's position is that all procedures provided for by article 49 of the Treaty on European Union must be followed, according to the sources quoted by the report. Particular importance is given to the adhesion process of the western Balkans, to be continued and accelerated, and the same sources insisted on the fact that the region's European perspective is an immediate priority. Regarding the status of candidate granted to Ukraine in June, Athens reportedly wants to first see the Commission's proposal, although it has a generally positive perspective, provided there is unanimity among members States, which is not the case for now.

    As far as Cyprus is concerned, government sources were quoted as saying in the report that they want to see in which direction the Commission's opinion will go. In case of a positive opinion, Cyprus would accept to grant Ukraine the status of candidate, but all appropriate procedures would have to be rigorously respected, therefore the adhesion process would be long. In this context, western Balkan membership candidates must be taken into consideration as many of them have already taken great steps towards adhesion, implementing the necessary reforms and abiding by several obligations.(ANSAmed).

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