Impasse in France - opposition tests Macron

'Back to the wall, he must make proposals'

23 June, 16:40

    France's President Emmanuel Macron meets Marine Le Pen France's President Emmanuel Macron meets Marine Le Pen

    PARIS - After French President Emmanuel Macron's televised speech to try to overcome a political impasse following legislative elections Sunday, opposition members sent the ball back into the president's court, refusing for the moment the idea of a coalition government and urging him to propose concrete measures for the French.

    According to comments on Thursday morning, opposition members appeared determined to give back a central role to Parliament in examining each case. Speaking about Macron, Socialist lawmaker and member of the left-wing coalition Nupes (Nouvelle Union Populaire Ecologique et Sociale), Valérie Rabault, said "he has his back to the wall, not us, if he confirms his program, he doesn't have the absolute majority, he is in a difficult position, he will be the one to paralyze France". Before departing from Brussels, for the EU council - the last to be held under France's rotating presidency - Macron ruled out on Wednesday night on television, in front of 15.5 million viewers, the hypothesis of a government of national unity, but asked the opposition forces, Nupes, Rassemblement National, and the Républicans, to "say in full transparency until which point they are willing to go" to build together "compromises".

    On the right, the Républicans (LR) "refuse" any hypothetic coalition pact that would cancel the political "beliefs" of each, warned LR. Macron has to "take the first step", said the leader of the Rassemblement National, Jordan Bardella, adding that Macron must say on "which points of his program he is ready to give in or renounce to get closer to opposition parties".

    Among Macron's backers, hope prevails to be able to form a majority with some Republican, Socialist lawmakers or MPs from Europe-Ecologie-Les Verts.

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