Lebanon: premier Miqati starts consultations for new cabinet

Political talks ongoing, possible 'limited reshuffle'

27 June, 13:13

    (ANSAmed) - BEIRUT, 27 GIU - Parliamentary consultations start on Monday in Beirut for designated Premier Najib Miqati for the formation of his new government as Lebanon has been grappling for the past three years with the worst financial crisis of its history.

    As reported by the Lebanese press, consultations will continue on Tuesday. The new Lebanese government will have to formally remain in office until next October, when presidential elections are scheduled in the country.

    Miqati, the current prime minister of a caretaker government, was appointed by President Michel Aoun to form a new executive after legislative elections in May.

    Miqati is a multimillionaire from the north of the country, who is close to Syria's central government and who has been accused by many of illicit financial actions. If he succeeds in forming a new government, it will be his fourth as premier.


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