North Macedonia: progress with new French proposal, PM

Von der Leyen, 'close to an agreement with Bulgaria'

01 July, 17:43

    (ANSAmed) - SKOPJE, 01 LUG - European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen tweeted on Friday that she had a good phone call with Macedonian President Dimitar Kovachevski. She described as "good news" that North Macedonia and Bulgaria, with France's support, are "close to an agreement that takes into account interests and concerns", she said. The European Commission is ready to activate the screening process for North Macedonia and Albania, the next step on their European path, also tweeted von der Leyen.

    Macedonian Premier Dimitar Kovacevski for his part cited progress made with the new French proposal, aimed at overcoming differences with Bulgaria and promoting the start of EU negotiations with Skopje. Speaking to journalists at the end of a meeting with government coalition partners, during which the French document was discussed, Kovacevski said "the position in which we find ourselves today is extremely favorable for us. Our strategy has proven fruitful. We received a proposal that incorporates our observations", he said, without providing clarifications on the French position. (ANSAmed)
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