Ex-regime supporters set Libyan parliament on fire, Saleh

'It was a premeditated act to overthrow legislative authority'

04 July, 16:28

    (ANSAmed) - TUNIS, JULY 4 - The speaker of the Libyan House of Representatives, Aguila Saleh, has accused the supporters of the former regime under Muammar Ghaddafi of deliberately setting fire on Friday to the parliament buildings in Tobruk in the eastern part of the country, reported Libya Review on Monday.

    The outlet included quotes from Saleh to Al-Arabiya in which the speaker of the parliament in the eastern region said that setting fire to the buildings was a premeditated act to overthrow legislative authority.

    "The supporters of the former regime have stormed the seat of parliament and we hold them responsible for this. We will look after those who burned the seat of parliament under the law and no one will be spared," Saleh writes, stating that the protesters marched to the seat of Parliament "without specific requests".

    However, the protesters called for elections to be held as soon as possible and also called for a solution to the frequent power outages, Libya Review noted.

    Saleh also accused the outgoing government of national unity (GNU) led by Abdelhamid Al-Dbeibha of not holding the elections.

    "I know the extent of the suffering of the Libyans. The Libyan Central Bank (Cbl) has not liquidated funds to the government of Fathi Bashagha as soon as it has been approved and moreover the salaries have not been paid," Libya Review quoted him as saying.

    "Libyans suffer from poor services, including electricity, and have the right to demonstrate. I will meet young people from the eastern region on Sunday to clear things up." Saleh was also reported as saying that the controversy over the constitutional path with the High Council of State (HCS) is related to the candidacy of dual citizenship and military personnel.

    "We will not prevent any Libyan from running for election.

    More than 20 people with dual nationalities have applied for the presidential elections. No one is excluded and we must allow everyone to run for office, and the Libyans will decide who they will vote for," Saleh said.

    He affirmed the rejection of the United States (US) Ambassador's interference in the Libyan affairs, explaining that his proposal regarding the elections is a call for the "continuation of the division", according to the Libya Review.

    Saleh said a senior Turkish official would visit Libya after Eid Al-Adha to meet with Prime Minister Bashagha.

    "My personal assessment is that Turkey no longer supports the Al-Dbaiba government," he said.(ANSAmed).

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