Abbas 'Israel continues to destroy the Two-State Solution'

Lapid 'must prove credibility'. Accuses UN of 'covering crimes'

23 September, 17:50

    (ANSAmed) - NEW YORK, 23 SET - "It is clear that Israel has decided not to be our partner for the peace process and continues to destroy the possibility of a two state solution. It does not believe in peace but wants to impose its status quo by force". These are the words of the president of the Palestinian National Authority (commonly known as the PA), Mahmoud Abbas at the UN's General Assembly. "We no longer have a partner in Israel, it was Israel's choice not ours", he added, after Israeli PM, Yair Lapid, yesterday in the same premise had stated he was in favor of a two State solution.

    Abbas said that Lapid's speach brought a "positive development", but added that the "real test for Israel's credibility" on the matter is weather it will sit down immediately for peace talks.

    Mahmoud Abbas also accused Israel of targeting "our sacred sites, for Muslims and Christians". "They are an apartheid regime and they are doing this to our people before and under the eyes of the international community", he said.

    He accused the United Nations of allowing Israel to escape its responsibilities for the "massacres it committed". "We will go to the international penal court, we are the only ones on this planet to live under occupation", he continued. Lastly, the Palestinian leader accused an Israeli sniper for the "deliberate killing" of the American-Palestinian journalist, Shireen Abu Akleh. During Abbas' intervention, the Israeli representative at the General Assembly left the room. (ANSAmed).

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