Spain to exhume two bodies of figures tied to Franco regime

New law applied to avoid an apology of Franco dictatorship

06 October, 17:43

    The Valley of the Fallen near Madrid The Valley of the Fallen near Madrid

    MADRID - The Spanish government wants to exhume the bodies of two figures in Spanish history which are associated to the Francoist dictatorship, José Antonio Primo de Rivera and General Gonzalo Queipo de Llano, both currently buried respectively in the Valley of the Fallen (la Valle de los Caidos) near Madrid and in the Macarane Basilica (in Seville). This was announced on radio Cadena Ser by the minister of the Presidency, Félix Bolaños, the day after the approval of the new law safeguarding the victims of the dictatorship.

    According to what Bolaños explained, the new law prohibits "the protagonists" of the dictatorship or the period immediately preceding it from being "buried in prominent places", to avoid an apology for Francoist regime. The idea is to have both men buried in places that are discrete and removed.

    José Antonio Primo de Rivera was the founder of the movement of Fascist aspirations called Falange, he died in 1936 by death sentence when charged with conspiracy and rebellion against the second Spanish republic. Later, under dictator Francisco Franco, his figure was romanticized. He was buried next to Franco himself, who was exhumed from the Valley of the Fallen (now taking on the new name of the Valley of the Cuelgamuros) a decision of the Socialist Pedro Sánchez government in 2019.

    Queipo de Llano instead was a military who took part in the coup planned by Francisco Franco in 1936 and later on a high ranking member of the dictatorship. He died in 1951.

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