Tunisian Coast guard denies endangering migrants

NGO allegations denied - 'those with evidence must go to court'

21 December, 12:25

    TUNIS - Tunisia's National guard, which controls the Coast guard, reacted in a statement to allegations made by about 50 Tunisian and international associations and NGOs, which denounced "increasing evidence that the Tunisian Coast guard is directly involved in dangerous operations that have turned deadly for many migrant people". The leadership of the national guard said it has "acknowledged" such "unfounded allegations" and urged "anyone in possession of evidence against the Tunisian Coast guard to present it to judicial authorities or official authorities to determine potential responsibility. Otherwise, these observations will only remain false charges".

    The directorate of the National guard moreover declared to "operate in accordance with legislation and national and international law, including of the sea", explaining that "naval units work to protect our borders and deal with human trafficking gangs, taking part in rescue operations under circumstances that are in some cases dangerous".

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