Artificial intelligence to check health of bridges, tunnels

Israeli start-up for diagnosis of structures

11 December, 17:27

    (ANSAmed) - TEL AVIV, DECEMBER 11 - The New York, Berlin and Tel Aviv based startup Dynamic Infrastructure has announced that it is offering the Italian market a unique AI technology that can detect anomalies in bridges and tunnels. The system is the world's first deep-learning solution which allows bridge and tunnel owners and operators to obtain visual diagnosis of assets they manage in order to reduce direct and indirect maintenance costs.

    Dynamic Infrastructure is currently conducting projects in the U.S., as well as in Germany, Switzerland, Greece, and Israel with private and public transportation operation and maintenance teams. The company's clients operate a total of 30,000 assets, ranging from national, state, regional and municipal departments of transportation to Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) and private companies.

    The Italian road network is huge, its management is extraordinarily complex, and there are hundreds of thousands of bridges, tunnels, and culverts in the country. The management and maintenance of infrastructures is therefore entrusted to local municipalities and PPPs, who too often do not have the necessary resources to adequately deal with the enormous amount of maintenance decisions needed to keep the infrastructure safe and available. Dynamic Infrastructure's cloud platform quickly creates a "visual medical record" for each asset, based on existing images taken from past and current inspection reports and interim inspections.

    "Our Advanced analysis solution of past visual records of bridges provides accurate information about changes in maintenance conditions before they evolve into large-scale failures and disasters. The AI technology 'understands' the history of every defect and anomaly and provides alerts on tipping points and risk areas. The quick onboarding solution allows clients to upload and analyze a whole inventory in several days. For over 900 analyzed bridges, we assure safety and save millions, by supporting the right maintenance decisions," said Saar Dickman, co-founder and CEO of Dynamic Infrastructure.(ANSAmed). (ANSA).

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